‘‘The customers coming into our store are like guests coming into our home, and they should be treated as such.’’
– Green’s Natural Foods

About Us

Green’s is a neighborhood destination and a place to call home for our customers and associates. We are your reliable health food store that offers everything you need from organic produce, natural groceries and dietary supplements. Green’s provides a filter to our customers so that the products you find on our shelves contain no known artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, or hydrogenated oils and we sell only USDA certified organic produce.

We are a small local business and we are committed to offering an intimate, easy shopping experience that is never overwhelming. We pride ourselves in providing high quality, exceptional customer service, nutrition education and community outreach.

Brand Pillars


At Green’s Natural we consider our customers to be our most important asset. We are small enough to have close relationships with our customers, yet big enough to offer all the healthy goods needed to fill your kitchen.


We will be open and honest with our customers, vendors and associates. We are genuine and authentic in our service. We are transparent and informative regarding the products we sell. Our stores easy to shop and never intimidating.


We teach, learn and talk about the products we sell because we wholeheartedly believe in them. At Green’s we know that education is paramount to the personal wellbeing of our associates and the success of our business. We want our customers to learn and benefit from every shopping experience.

Our Promise

Simply, Real Food. That is our brand promise – and it’s a pretty special one at that…

Not only do we promise to sell clean food, but we are a trustworthy resource is the communities we serve.

We all have that neighbor that we can rely on no matter what. That person who you can borrow a cup of raw, local honey from when you are halfway through making a cake and realize you are short on ingredients. That person who will bring you elderberry syrup when you are not feeling great.

Green’s is that friendly, reliable neighbor.

We’ve got you covered for all of your natural, organic and nutritious food needs.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want our customers to be adventurous shoppers – there is too much yummy food out there not to continuously try new things. If you buy something that you don’t love, simply bring it back to one of our locations for a refund. We really believe in what we sell!

Our Purpose

At Green’s we are driven by more than just our desire to sell healthy food. Our stores are warm and friendly because our associates and customers are like family. We offer a place to call home to everyone who walks through our doors. We are committed first and foremost to our purpose: to nourish communities by providing accessible and affordable natural and organic foods.