Does my Green's Loyalty Rewards Card work at all Green's locations?
Yes, your loyalty card can be used at any of our Green’s locations.
I still have a Mrs. Green's Rewards Card. Could I still use this card at Green's?
Yes, all your information has been transferred into our Green’s database, and you are able to use your Loyalty Rewards at any Green’s location.
What are the benefits of having a Green’s Loyalty Card?
You will receive 1% back on all purchases to use towards a future purchase, e-receipts are available instead of paper receipts and you are added to our email listing for announcements and store promotions. Your purchase history will also be on file in the event you lose your receipt.
Could you carry a product that I do not see in your store?
Absolutely, just provide the item information to an associate and we will do our best to carry the product. We will contact you as soon as the item has arrived at our store.
Do you offer a discount if I purchase a full case of a particular item?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount on non-sale items when purchasing a full case. (Exclusions apply)
Can I return a product that I was not satisfied with?
Yes, we guarantee our product, just bring the item and your receipt to any Green’s location and we will gladly offer a return or store credit. (Exclusions apply)
Are all your products organic?
All of our products are natural or organic. We offer items with no GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives. Our produce is 100% organic.
Do you carry local products?
Yes, we carry local products year-round, especially in the Grocery department. The local season for produce typically starts around May.
When does your sales flyer cycle start & end?
Grocery, Natural Living, and Deli/ Frozen run for a month. Produce is biweekly.
When is your fresh produce delivered? How often do you receive fresh produce?
Sunday is the only day we don’t get a delivery. We receive produce deliveries 6 days a week.
Do you offer curbside service?
We certainly do! This link will take you straight there.
Do you deliver?
Not currently.
Do you charge for paper bags?
Starting April 22, 2021, we will charge .05 per paper bag. We encourage you to bring your reusable bags in and will offer a .05 credit for each reusable bag used.
Do you offer a discount for seniors?
Yes, every Wednesday is Senior Day and we offer 10% off all full priced items. Some exclusions apply.